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Raaj Mahal, Beruwala

Set amidst a small village Egodawatte; Raaj Mahal mansion is tucked away by the Coast of Beruwela. The Boutique Villa, overlooking paddy fields is owned by a reputed Gem Merchant Late Mr. J. M. M. Raji.

Gem Merchant Late Mr. J. M. M. Raji was a famous Philanthropist, who was instrumental in bringing in Development to Modern Beruwela.  He belonged to a family of musicians, but later diversified into Real Estate in Beruwela as he began buying properties in the Township. Since childhood, he had a fascination for Hollywood movies; hence he built a cinema hall and also a shopping complex. This helped a lot in modernizing the town and brought it to the mainstream of other towns; starting an array of Developments in the Area.

In 1980, Late Mr. J.M.M. Raji purchased this 80-year-old Waluwwa in a corner of China Fort in an area called “Karandangoda, Egodawatte. Nestled in a village overlooking a paddy marsh, this bungalow offers the best view in the area of the surrounding environments. The original Waluwwa had only 2 rooms, a portico, sitting and kitchen with a large Back Garden. He then added 2 extensions on either side of the original Waluwwa. There are 3 more rooms, pantry, kitchen on one side and a large sitting hall and portico on the other side. An extra large verandah was added in the back of the house, overlooking the paddy fields. This provides relaxation and entertainment for his family and friends.

After Raji’s demise, his family renovated this Villa, making some detailed changes to the interiors and rooms. They added a pool at the back side of 3 rooms for complete privacy. The entire house was re-furnished with Dutch and Singhalese period furniture.
All the toilets were redone with new fittings and fixtures. Modern amenities like hot water, air-conditioning, Wi-fi, well equipped kitchen etc were added. The Large Verandah at the backyard was redesigned by introducing Dutch Period Columns and Titanium Cement Flooring. This gives the place a feeling of coolness and a sense of relaxation and tranquility.


During the complete overhaul, the owners retained the original Walauwwa style and built 2 extensions to it, reflecting a Dutch contemporary look. The hotel has 5 bedrooms, 2 of which located in the Walauwwa Wing. These rooms reflect a mix of Dutch and Sinhalese Walauwwa architecture, with four-poster beds, timber flooring and attached bathrooms. They both have verandahs that provide a view of the garden. The other 3 rooms have a contemporary look with a rustic effect and complete privacy overlooking the swimming pool. These have four-poster beds made out of high quality railway sleepers, which add to its ambiance. All rooms have bathrooms (except the Family Room), which has a common Bathroom). Air conditioning, wi-fi, hot water, rain showers are other amenities.


Raajmahal has a well-equipped kitchen with modern amenities to meet any demand in cuisine including fine dining. Special arrangements can be made to prepare your favourite meals, be it for entertaining your friends, family, or business colleagues.

For a special occasion, a small conference or a family get-together; the bungalow is well equipped to cater to any need. Special chefs from other partner hotels can also be arranged to prepare the meal one desires. The Large Verandah can be transformed into a place of entertainment and dining. It can accommodate about 25-30 people. For meals with family or friend, this would be the ideal place to do so. Experienced chefs for special dining occasions can be arranged to prepare any type of culinary delights with prior notice.


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