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Bird Watching

The tropical climate and exotic landscape of Sri Lanka is home to more than 400 bird species. This is the reason; it attracts bird watchers from all over the world to its sanctuaries and wetlands. December has been declared as the National Bird Month by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, which is the national affiliate of Bird Life International. The country is visited by winged guests from Siberia, India, Western Europe and Scandinavia. Colourful and tropical birds like Ceylon flycatcher, Green beater, eagles, woodpeckers and herons are a few of the delights that you can spot. Major bird sanctuaries in the island are Kumana National Park, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, the Bodhinagala Sanctuary and Udawatte Kele.

Bird Watching in Ritigala

Ritigala, about 188 km north-east of Colombo, at Ganewalpola, is famous for birds like Black-capped Bulbul, Brown-capped Babbler, Black Bulbul, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Ceylon Grey Hornbill, Black-naped Flycatcher, Thick-billed Flowerpecker and many other known and unknown species.

Bird Watching in Habarana

Being surrounded by many lakes, Habarana is one of the country’s major bird watching hotspots. Most of the people book from a range of bird watching tours to visit this place. The entire area has more than 120 bird species, most common being Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Coppersmith Barbet, Red Vented Bulbul, Indian Cormorant, Little Cormorant, Oriental Darter, Spotted Dove, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Comon Iora and many more.

Bird Watching in Sigiriya

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya Rock fortress is surrounded by a forest and waterways. This makes it a wonderful birding destination. Sightings of more than 120 species is possible here with Indian Cormorant, Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Little Cormorant, Spotted Dove and many more; alongwith 9 endemic birds like Brown Capped Babbler, Black Capped Bulbul, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Sri Lankan Swallow, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Sri Lankan Wood Shrike, Crimson Backed Flameback Woodpecker and Lesser Sri Lankan Flameback Woodpecker.

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