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Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) Hiking Season

Adam’s Peak, also known as the Sri Pada, is an important pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka. According to Buddhists, the impression on the summit is the footprint of Lord Buddha himself. It takes around 5 hours to reach the peak by foot and devotees of different religions climb the mountain seeking blessings. The mountain is also named as Samanala Kanda or Butterfly Mountain. Sripada (Adam’s Peak) Hiking Season begins in the month of December on the Unduwap Full Moon Poya Day and continues till May 2014 Vesak Full Moon Poya Day. It is the only pilgrim season in Sri Lanka that lasts six months.

About Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is surrounded by the forested hills. The region of Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that includes Adam’s Peak is recognized as a World Heritage Site in the year 2011. Many pilgrims prefer to make the longer, much more tiring– but equally well-marked and well illuminated – seven- hour climb from Ratnapura via the Carney Estate, because of the greater merit thus gained.

About the Hiking Season

The pilgrims’ season to Sri Pada traditionally starts on the full moon of December and ends on the full moon of April. It is a period of fine weather and during the long week-ends and full moon Poya days the trail is densely crowded. The route is illuminated in the season by a string of lights that snake up all way up to the summit to making the celebrated night ascent all the more attractive. All pilgrims trek up wishing to be at the summit at the crack of dawn to witness the magnificent spectacle of sunrise and the shadow of the mountain.

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