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Sri Pada or Adam's Peak

The tall conical mountain of central Sri Lanka is also known as Butterfly Mountain and Sri Pada or sacred footprint. It is basically a 1.8 m rock formation, which has many legends of almost every religion attached to it. Hindu’s say it is the footprint of Lord Shiva; Buddhists believe that it is Lord Buddha, Christians say it was St. Thomas and Muslims believe, it was Adam.

Sri Pada, revered as a holy site is visited by pilgrims of all religions. Between December to May, People trek the mountain from various routes, which take several hours. The pilgrimage, though takes place in April. On the top of the mountain they see the beautiful triangular shadow created during the sunrise. So every pilgrim would climb the peak before dawn to witness this nature’s wonder thereafter performs the religious rites.

Trails till the Mountain

Siripagama, Ratnapura

Kuruwita – Erathna trail till Sri Pada

Hatton, Nallathanni trail to Sri Pada

Deraniyagala, Udamaliboda (Ihala-Maliboda) Trail to Sri Pada

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