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Spring Acre, Nuwara Eliya

At Spring Acre, Nuwara Eliya, you will be pampered with luxury and coziness that will urge you to spend more time inside the bungalow. Nuwara Eliya is full of beautiful views of the tea gardens and Mount Pedro (Pidurutalagala) in the background. This vacation in Nuwara Eliya will surely be an unforgettable experience. Take a break from the comforts of indoors and experience the various attractions, activities and excursions which are unique in its own sense. Our bungalow is only 5 minutes away from the golf course of Nuwara Eliya. It is surrounded by the landscaped gardens as they overlook the tea estate and sit in a valley of the Pidurutalaga mountain range; highest in Sri Lanka.

Breathe in the clean fresh air of the tea plantations and also visit the scintillating waterfalls to take in the tranquility as a great experience. Whether a honeymoon, a family vacation or corporate trip; the beautiful view and easy accessibility makes Spring Acre an excellent retreat.

BedroomsSuitable for up to 10 persons, the bedrooms have all kind of comforts that one will feel a home away from home. Spring Acre has three bedrooms each with double beds and a children's room with two bunk beds.  Bed linen and blankets provided. Room heating is being provided from 6 pm to 6 am, with our compliments.
Bathrooms Spring Acre has two detached bathrooms that are very spacious and luxurious with hot water. Towels and essential toiletry provided.
Upper Floor There is a detached toilet with a washbasin, shower cubicle and a water closet.  
Ground Floor Detached toilet with washbasin, shower cubicle and water closet.
Living Room1st floor in Spring Acre has a living room with a beautiful view of the Pedro mountain range and the tea estate. It is quite spacious and furnished in a cozy lay-out. Children can engage in various indoor board games.
Other facilities in the bungalow include:

As you laze around in the bedroom or living room; enjoy the breathtaking views of the tea estate and Pidurutalagala (Pedro) mountain range. They can be enjoyed for hours and hours. Fireplace is available from 6 pm to 10 pm with our compliments.

Dining Room The ground floor has a dining room with some breathtaking views. This will raise your appetite and you will enjoy your food more. A comfortable six seat dining table can be complimented with extra stools can cater to a larger group.



Timber floors inside the rooms are perfect for the cool climate. We also have our own private small garden that is in multiple levels. The entire area comprises of holiday bungalows with a pleasant environment and many common areas.
To complete your stay with Spring Acre, enjoy a joyful evening full of entertainment. Choose from a tasteful selection of karaoke around a BBQ* grill at “Spring Acre” in "Little England”.

Following are included in the bungalow rate, with our compliments:

We do not rent individual rooms.

Please Note:

Driver / guide / domestic accommodation for a nominal charge at a separate location, subject to availability.

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