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About Us


The journey of our  new venture has begun with the majesty of the amazing jewel in “Indian Ocean”.  “LEOLAND” is unique brand which gives the beloved feeling of mother Sri Lanka.  “LEO” that symbolize the Lion in Sri Lankan national flag which also defines the braveness and majesty along with the “LAND” gives you the perfect combination of the theme “Brave Nation”

Our Company, Leoland Travels ( Pvt ) Ltd is one of the renowned tour operators in Sri Lanka, which began its operation to meet up with your valued requirements. More than Fifteen years of long professionalism experiences that we have buildup in the field of travel, tourism and hotelier industries have given us the opportunity to come out with unique method to create your needs where you will be benefited from the system.   The system is ‘ You Decide Your Price for Your Clients ’.

All what you have to do is to let us know your rates that you propose and by using our contacts and experiences we will always offer you the best possible deal. This will be assured a reasonable service for the money you spent. Meantime, you will have the chance of exploring the incredible beauty of this amazing island.

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